Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Back to the Blog with a Beautiful Brunette: Gustine Senior Portraits

It has been entirely too long since we last posted to this blog -- we were still shooting the Class of 2011 back then! And then we were swept into wedding season, David was off shooting the California State Parks slated for closure for his personal project over at, and then suddenly school was back in session and the Class of 2012 started scheduling their shoots. And now that the senior portrait season for 2012 seniors is winding down -- only one more local school is still accepting portraits for their yearbook -- we are overdue to share some images from the wonderful seniors we had the pleasure to work with this year! We have a lot of catching up to do, so these posts are going to be heavy on images and light on words...

I am going to start off with Chelsea, a lovely senior who was looking for a natural look. Chelsea herself has a very natural and dreamy look that was well-suited to her chosen location, and she seemed very relaxed in front of the camera. Now, without further ado, here are a handful of images from Chelsea's senior session:


While senior season is running down for the Class of 2012 for inclusion in yearbooks, we know that there are seniors who have not yet taken their senior portraits (just guessing, based on the 3 inquiries we had this morning ;o). We still can fit in a few more seniors from Orestimba before the deadline, and we always like working with students from new schools! Check out our Pricing page for more information on packages, or give us a call at 209-351-9735 to set up your appointment!

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